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Price Comparison

Price Lock $19.95 per mo.

If you are an independent Automotive Car Dealer looking for a solid auto dealer website solution with easy to use content management you've arrived at the right company for you.

Comparing web hosting prices for auto dealers is no easy task. Many of the services providers online today do not list their prices publicly. They want you to call in for a custom quote. This is why we have taken the time to do some price comparison on automotive car dealer website hosting and programs, for you. 

For starters; In order to utilize any car dealer software, you are going to need website hosting (we've included the hosting for you) from a web host that has enough power to maintain your website. Web hosting for auto dealers can range from $1.99 all the way to $100.00+ a month. This is in addition to the license fee to use the automotive car dealer software; Prices for this software can range anywhere from $500.00 all the way to $1,000.00 per year.
Company A
Company B
NO Hidden Fees
NO Bandwidth Overage Fees
NO Additional Program Charges
NO Setup Fees
NO Contracts

NO Vehicle Over Limit

Web Hosting Prices

$19.95 per mo.
Build Website Around Business
$12.95 Domain Name

Support Services

Phone Support
Account Rep
Email Support

Out The Door Price
(Yearly Price Tag)


YES Early Termination Fee
YES $75.00 Overage Fee
YES $19.95 Additional Program
YES $500.00 Setup Fee
YES 5 Year Contract
YES $10.00 Per Vehicle

Web Hosting Prices

$59.95 per mo.
Just Vehicle Inventory
$20.00 Domain Name

Support Services

No Phone Support
No Account Rep
Email Support Ticket Only

Out The Door Price
(Yearly Price Tag)

NO Hidden Fees
NO Turns Website Off
No Additional Programs
YES $250.00 Setup Fee
YES 1 Year Contract
YES $25.00 Per Vehicle

Web Hosting Prices

$39.95 per mo.
Just Vehicle Inventory
$13.95 Domain Name

Support Services

M-F 8-5 p.m.
No Account Rep
Email Support

Out The Door Price
(Yearly Price Tag)


So you might be asking yourself if having a automotive dealer website at your finger tips is worth $25.95 per month or maybe asking yourself why is our automotive car dealer program priced so low? Those are some great questions with simple answers.

When It Comes To Pricing

  • We've set our prices at what they are for a few reasons. The main one being that we built our own program so this saves us from having to pass along the heavy prices of depending on a outside developer to correct any errors in the program. We can fix it ourselves.
  • We own and operate our own data center. We do not have to pay expensive fees such as rent, power, etc. Again saving us from having to pass along the fee to our customers.
  • We believe in a level playing field. Sure we can set our prices through the roof! We just choose to keep the prices affordable for everyone. Even if you have a slow month for vehicle sales, you won't have to worry about a large monthly bill! We want you to stay in business and we want your website to remain online.

When It Comes To Websites

We have developed well over 400 specialty programs that are installed in our own control panel that you are free to use at no additional charge and we continue to develop additional programs on a monthly basis. There is always something new in your control panel. Of course you have the option of taking on a WordPress Blog, if that is more up your alley. But you will not have the programs and tools right at your fingertips. A little comparison of WordPress.

  • You cannot alter the page structure of a WordPress blog.
  • Developers of WordPress Plug-Ins often times abandon the plug-in and move onto other things. Leaving the user with 0 support should something go wrong.
  • You cannot customize the WordPress theme to match your business. You maybe able to change colors,etc. but that is about it.
  • You may believe that WordPress is priced reasonable. Free themes from WordPress, $1.99 web hosting. Sounds great right? Many times when you install these themes; You will quickly discover that if you want any customization to the theme, you will be paying the creators big dollars. In addition, you will find that you will have to also pay for additional features such as contact forms, loan calculators, and even an automotive program.

As you can see WordPress does have fees attached to it. Fees that go way over $1.99.

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