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Custom E-Commerce Design
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Specialty Websites

Have us create a professional business
Website for you. Whether you are looking
for a new design from the ground up or
your just in need of a Website makeover.
Our professional design staff with work
closely with you to turn your vision into a
beautiful and functional buisness website.


1-855-523-9666 ext. 541


Kadzoom offers all the tools to help you
design your own professional website
including page editors and your choice
of over 1000 templates and boutique
templates that are sure to impress your
client base. Your website and online store
will have a professional look for free.

Specialty Sites, need a niche program?
Kadzoom offers our programs at no charge
but if you do not have time to design, we
are right here for you. Have Kadzoom build
you your specialty website using our Car
Dealership Program, Classified Ads Program,
Availability Program for hotels, rentals and inns


1-855-523-9666 ext. 541

Why Have Kadzoom Build Your Website?
A professional business website is, as you know, the first glance your clients receive about your company and your products. Your meeting your clients for the very first time on your website. Back in the day, your first meeting was a sales meeting, giving you the opportunity to impress 'in person'. Kadzoom will bring back the old days and leave you with a website that makes your clients feel as if you are meeting in person or making a sales call.

With our years of experience combined with our programming skills, we will implement a professional website design. One that is going to wow your customers and not confuse them. 

Custom Design Package

Who said professional Website Design has to break the bank? When it comes to 'design', Kadzoom Technologies, is built on foundation of strong values, customer satisfaction and solutions to enhance your buisness experience on our system. We have over  a decade of design experience in the E-Commerce industry combined with our technical management capabilities. We only suggest the best solutions for our clients and their buisness, our services represents our dedication and passion to help you succeed online.

Contact Us Today For A Free Design Estimate
Kadzoom Technologies Works With Any Budget!


Why Kadzoom Should Be Your First Choice For Web Design

  1. The first reason is that Kadzoom is not like any other design company that you may encounter on the Internet. We actually own, operate and manage a few hundred web sites for our own benefit. Many have them have produced well over the last 7 years. E-Commerce, professional services and blogs so we understand business, how to build an online business, and what it takes to design a income producing site.

  2. Most design companies are run by design graduates or are out sourced over seas whose focus is on images, flash, music, and not sales. BELIEVE US...E-COMMERCE IS ABOUT SALES AND ATTRACTING CUSTOMERS. Customers do not want to see things flashing on the screen, listen to music, look at photos that have nothing to do with your product, they want to see a clean website with a easy check out system. Our design will promote your business and you positive results.

Working With Us Saves You Money

Kadzoom will provide a website design consultation service so that you know your options and potentials before building your website. We understand that your website design choice is a critical business decision, your dealing with a company that is incorporated and understands that you are spending your hard earned money and you expect a return on your investment.

We have developed our entire back end, so that experience alone, should speak volumes. Because we design our own programs in house, this saves us on over head. We are not in the buisness of taking advantage of our clients and will work inside any budget that you have have set.

Some of the design projects we have worked on, include:
  • Logo Design
  • Graphics Development
  • Banner Designs
  • Template Design (100+)
  • Custom Website Designs
  • Real-Estate website Development (the birth of our availability calendars)
  • E-Commerce Based Websites (the birth of our own shopping cart)
  • Database Driven Websites (the birth of our own database program)
  • Car Dealership Websites (the birth of our own car dealership program)
  • Corporate Website Development
  • Search Engine Friendly Websites
  • Applications for iPhone (Government)

"Kadzoom responded to all our needs immediately and created our very own successful business website. The staff is knowledgable and always available to speak wtih us. Updates are a breeze"
Max -Bullhead City

"You have accomplished what many others could
not! The work on our data feed was amazing, the
clean design is what we have been looking for. The feedback from our users is all positive."
Joann - President, Dazzel Crafts, LLC

"I highly recommend Kadzoom. They are a pleasure to deal with and were highly accommodating. Best of all, my site how has everything I really wanted. I fully intend to use them onour next project."
Cristian - Diamond Cell Accessory

"I had TEN!! invoices in my first week after our design with Kadzoom. Thanks or the tech support too."
Dough - CEO & Founder, Sand Names


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