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Online Shopping Cart Marketing Tools!

When it comes to marketing your online store we've made the difficult marketing process a bit easier for our customers by adding built in marketing tools right in our eCommerce control panel. These tools will not only help you with gaining trust in both your online and offline customers, but the tools will also assist you in gaining repeat business and new customers.

Just like you, we have been in the eCommerce industry for over 13 years! We've seen the crazy sales boom in the early internet days and we've seen the down times, when people are not spending as much. The easy marketing tools that we have installed for your use, should assist you even during the worst of economic times. Some of the marketing tools included for your use, consists of:

Online Store Promotion Tools

Start Your Promotions. As a user of the Kadzoom online shopping cart, you'll enjoy the ability of creating promotions for your store.Some of our promotion tools range from; Offering your customers free shipping or discounted shipping, Product bundle options, Buy one get one free options, Spend a set amount and get discounts on other items in your perfect for last years items, and a whole lot more.

One of the best benefits when it comes to promotion tools for your online cart is....if you can think of an additional tool for promotions! Just call us, let us know your idea and we will design a program around it for your use.

Maintain Your Own Shopping Cart Affiliate Program

When it comes to getting the word out about your products or services, nothing beats having the ability to offer your very own shopping cart affiliate program. Turn your affiliate program on, set your affiliate payout percentage, upload your affiliate banners if you have them. Don't worry if you don't affiliate banners, we've included a banner designer that will assist you in making them. The next thing you know, you'll have hundreds if not thousands of affiliates signing up for your program, placing your banners on their websites or talking about your online store on such places as YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets. Your very own commissioned sales team driving sales to your store. How great is that?

Offer The Options To Purchase Gift Cards

Head on into your shopping cart control panel and turn on the gift cards. Set your own prices for gift cards and come the Holiday Season, Birthdays, Special Events, Trade Shows, or anytime of the year, your customers will love the ability to purchase gift cards right from your store.

Nothing to do but to enter your price of purchase. After that, your customers can login and check the balance of the gift card or even add more money on the card. Our gift card program will issue your customers a 16 digit number (much like a credit card) that your customers will enter upon check out.

Gift cards are an excellent source for marketing! Offer promotions or gift card give away's to attract customers larger ticket items!

Buy One Get One Free

The good old fashioned BOGO offer. Buy One Get One FREE! never fails. Under your marketing resources for your online shopping cart you'll find this great marketing tool. Maybe you have old inventory sitting around? A great way to move this inventory is to offer your customers a bogo offer.

Design a category in your shopping cart or maybe even a website page. Tell the world about it through your affiliate program and enjoy the boost in sales. Having this option at your finger tips makes your online store just like the large chains such as Walmart or Bestbuy. The only difference is, you're not paying thousands of dollars per month as they do, but you can offer the same features as them!

$100.00 In Google AdWords Credits

When you signup with Kadzoom you will receive a free voucher for $100.00 in Google AdWords credit. Taking advantage of this offer will give you the chance to advertise across the Google network. Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising program provided by Google. Using AdWords, advertisers can promote their website, products or services on Google's search results under the "sponsored links" section.

Using quality ad text and keywords in your ads will give you the competitive edge over your competitors. And with AdWords, you always have have the option of setting your own budget and can change your campaigns at any time.

*Credit must be applied to new AdWords accounts and is valid with new AdWords customers only.


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