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We write our software, we manage our own servers and we build our own graphics. You won't find another web hosting system like ours, because we built it from the ground up based on feedback from our clients.

In the web hosting industry there are very few hosting companies that can write their own software. Most web hosts have purchased systems like cPanel and WHM or have downloaded free open source programs and have installed them for your use. The problem with that type of model is that the hosting company has no control over errors, bugs or updates. Most have software that has not been changed in 10 or 15 years. Without updates you risk large security holes, browser and program incompatibility and O/S incompatibility. Many Web Hosts have found themselves out of business when operating systems were upgraded and their hosting programs did not work on the new O/S. Without the original source code and top level programmers they are just plain out of luck. Unfortunately so are the customers hosted with them.

The experience of our in house programmers dates back to 1997 developing Content Management Systems for clients in the private sector. We have years of experience running our own network and our own websites. In early 2000 we opened the doors to the general public for the first time.

Since we make everything you see, we have no place to hide! in other words you are dealing directly with the programmers. If your shopping cart does not work, you call us and let us know, we fix it. We don't tell you that we have submitted a work order yesterday to the programmers, as we are the programmers. This means that we support our very own products, so we do not have time limits when answering your phone calls, explaining how things work and the Kadzoom Wizard is not standing over our shoulders telling us to cut the phone call. Kadzoom allows us to do what we want and when we want and we don't have to submit work orders and wait for things to get done.

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