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Deluxe Content Slider

Content Slider Control

The Content Slider allows you to build stunning sliders without having to write a single line of code.

The content slider supports images, text, video, and custom HTML, as well as integration with content from your favorite social media outlets such as; Facebook, instagram, YouTube, and more.

Located in your control panel you'll find the deluxe content slider under the page properties tab. Once inside your content slider editor, you'll be able to build up to frames or individual pages that can be viewed in one content window with sliding effects between frames.

To the left, you'll see a sample photo of the easy to use design options for your content slider. In the first step of you content slider creation, you'll start with choosing your sliders width and height simply by sliding the bar or entering your height and width manually.

Users of the content slider will then choose their tab alignment (if using tabs) left, right, or center.

Moving forward, users can select the tab background color, tab area text color, current tab background color and current tab text color. User can also choose their font, and tab font size all with a few simple clicks. You may also choose to have a border around content slider by picking the border width, border style, border colors, and more.

You'll then choose the tabbed positions of top, bottom,or none. Put a check mark in the box to show navigation arrows, show dots instead of tabs (works great for photos), and choose if you would like your content slider to auto slide for your users.
Building Your Content Slider Pages
When it comes time to build the pages inside your content slider! Users will enjoy the same options and page editors that are in our control panel. In this section you can use the WYSIWYG editor, add photos, links, text, videos, and more. You may also use HTML if you would like.

For the advanced webmasters, just like all of our programs, you'll have complete access to the content slider code to tweak the program any way you would like.

This content slider has been tested and is browser friendly with all browsers. The best part! This content slider is SEO Friendly and can actually boost your rankings. We've developed the program to allow for the content of each slide to be neatly organized in your source code allowing for indexing in all the major search engines. Development Team

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